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    My name is Dr. Matt Kelly. I want to personally welcome you and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take care of you and your spine. I'm a third generation chiropractor. My grandfather, father, two uncles, and sister are chiropractors.

    I have been in practice for 15 years and chiropractic is my life passion. I take great joy in helping all my patients with all their spinal and health care needs.

    How this works:

    When you come to our office for your initial consultation (first visit) you will be given an examination and possibly x-rays, depending on your injury or history. Most likely I will adjust your spine on the first visit, however it depends on your condition.

    On your second visit, you will get adjusted and I will give you my Report of Findings. The Report of Findings will include all of your information from your examination, x-rays, and your recommended care plan (the care plan varies for each individual patient).Two weeks from your initial consultation date we will do a re-examination to determine how well your body has held and responded to the adjustments.

    This is the same process for all patients. If upon your re-examination I feel that you have not improved sufficiently, then we will set another re-exam date in another two weeks. The sooner your body responds to care, the sooner we will decrease the frequency of adjustments.

    A majority of patients respond to care within the first two weeks. Age, accompanies with how long the patient has suffered with the problem, and his/her overall health has a great deal to do with how the body is going to respond to care.


    We are a participating provider on all insurance policies. We will send your claims to your insurance company depending on your coverage. Upon checking your insurance coverage we will inform you about deductibles and co-pays that you may need to pay on the second visit. If your coverage is minimal, non-existent, or has a high deductible we will then take care of you as a cash patient.

    Acute Care to Wellness Care

    When a patient comes in with a problem or is in pain, he/she is under ACUTE care. Insurance only covers ACUTE Care. Once the pain stabilizes and the pain is gone, we will move our patients to WELLNESS care. Wellness care is not covered by insurance. Once you have recovered and healed enough (verified by your re-exam), we will set you up with one of our Membership/Wellness plans. The memberships make staying healthy affordable for you and your family.

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