• Our Pricing

  • Cash Patients:

    The following are the charges that you will incur on your first and follow up visits:

    • Initial Exam and.Adjustment with no X-Rays: $75.00
    • 1 X-Ray: $50.00
    • 2 X-Rays: $75.00
    • 3 X-rays: $100.00
    • Follow Up Adjustment: $40.00
    • The cost for children to be adjusted is $20.00 per adjustment. There is no cost for the exam. unless X-Rays are needed.

    Chiro-Health Memberships:

    We also have a Chiro-Health Membership Plan in which the patient will be debited $70.00 on the 1st / 15th of every month. This Plan will allow the patient to come in for an adjustment once a week, for each month that they wish to participate. A Family Chiro-Health Membership will be $100.00 per month for a family of 4 and $150.00 a month for a family of 5.

    Special Pricing for Police Officers and Teachers

    We offer discount price for all law enforcement and educators.

    • No initial exam fee (reg fee $75.00)
    • X-rays depends on the patients situation:
      • 1 X-ray: $25.00 (reg fee $50.00)
      • 2 X-rays: $50.00 (reg fee $75.00)
    • Visits are only $10.00 (reg fee $40.00)


    All visits are by appointment only. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice. This will allow us to schedule other patients accordingly. With the exception of an emergency, we charge $30.00 for a missed or canceled appointment without a 24 hour notice.

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