• Testimonials

  • I had sever pain in my lower back and hip area. I had spasms occurring frequently and they became worse over time. My last occurrence before my initial visit made it impossible to get off of the floor without assistance. After several visits I noticed less pressure and reduced pain. After two months of adjustments I have no more pain in my lower back, and I have not had any more spasms! Also my neck has full range of motion which I wasn't aware of prior to coming. Thank you Dr. Matt!!

    Greg Allen

  • I had severe head an neck pain. Loss of feeling to my arm. I couldn't even get out of bed. I had some torn facets, which added to my pain. I didn't have a curve in my neck. It took a lot for me to go see Dr. Kelly, but now that I have, he will be in my life forever! My whole attitude has changed. I didn't realize how big of a slump I was in living with chronic pain everyday. He has helped my neck tremendously, and now it is very rare for my arm to feel numb.

    Kim Schultea

  • Before, I had sever lower back pain that was causing me to have problems walking and standing or sitting for long periods of time. Also, irregular menstrual periods that now are regular since my adjustments. I don't have any more back pains! I'm less stressed, less tense, I feel more relaxed all the time. I can have regular walks and sit longer without pain.

    Judy Vargas

  • Before treatment I had severe arm and leg pain. I was taking 9 different medications. I couldn't get out of bed. Since I've been under chiropractic care, I'm in better health. I take less medicine. I can do all my housework with more enthusiasm. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is taking too much medication.

    Maria Milan

  • Antes tenia dolor de brazos y peirnas y centura y cansancio. No me queria lavantar a hacer me quaecer, tenia 9 medicamentos diarios para diferentes problemas de me estado fisico. A hoy estoy mejor de salud, con menos medicamentos y mas animo de seguir adelante. Tengo mas movimiento para todo y para hacer mi trabajo de casa, yo recomiendo estos tratamientos mejor que la medicina

    Maria Milan

  • I started coming to Dr. Kelly in September 2003. I could not turn my head because my neck was so stiff and sore. I contributed my condition to a motorcycle accident that I had over 25 years ago. After the motorcycle accident in 1978, I refused the care recommended to me by another chiropractor. More recently I was experiencing extreme dizziness. My general practitioner diagnosed vertigo (infection of the inner ear). For my condition with my neck I started with 3 adjustments per week and am now to 1 adjustment every 2 weeks. My neck will never be 100%, but I can now look over my shoulder. My neck even looks longer! Dr. Kelly recommended that I take the prescription medication for my vertigo only if I thought that it was absolutely necessary. My co-workers told me this condition takes about 6 weeks to clear up with some dizziness to be experienced forever! I don't have any more dizziness! I never took any medication. Thank you Dr. Kelly!

    Aurora Gutierrez

  • I had lower back pain before. The pain was usually worse in the mornings and late evenings. I decided to come in for a visit when my back went out on me. As per doctor's orders I was taking muscle relaxers, inflammation pills and pain killers, but it didn't seem to work. After my chiropractic treatment, my back is feeling much better. I'm getting up from bed every morning without strain, plus I am sleeping a lot better.

    Robert Zamora

  • My neck (spine) was out of alignment and over time arthritis (calcification) had caused my neck to lock up with severe pain. I couldn't turn my head from side to side. I tried massage therapy without any success. The change can only be described as dramatic. Despite the severity of my problem I am now essentially pain free other than occasionally having a temporary twinge or two after playing golf. I have an excellent range of motion particularly relative to where I was. I would strongly recommend that everyone visit their chiropractor (and particularly Dr. Kelly) to make sure their spine is properly aligned so they can avoid problems which will otherwise inevitably occur.

    Brian O'Neill